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Relaxation Massage



There are many benefits to receiving a general relaxation massage, also commonly known as a Swedish massage. It decreases stress, boosting your immune system, lending towards greater health; increases range of motion, decreases pain, improves sleep, enhances work performance, and lends toward a more relaxed state of mind.

This specialty consists of a variety of techniques, particularly Sweish strokes, used to create a deep sense of peace. Relaxation massage is not typically used when addressing chronic tension and injuries.  If ongoing pain and tension are what you are dealing with you will most likely want a deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Do you have chronic pain or tension in your body?  If so, deep tissue massage is what you need.  Maybe you have had a car accident, past sports injuries, or an injury of any kind, and have not felt the same since.  I have had multiple clients come to me with chronic issues they thought would never get resolved. They tried physical therapy, pain meds and muscle relaxers, and even acupuncture. Nothing worked until they began receiving regular massage therapy.  It was at this time they started seeing results and experiencing lasting benefits.






A reflexology session begins with a nice, warm foot soak in sea salt and essential oils followed by an exfoliation. Afterward, you lie down on a comfortable massage table to have reflex points in your feet massaged with oils. These points relate to various places throughout the body, i.e., heart, lungs, colon, and sinuses. Massaging these various points affects your overall health and can help to clear out any congested areas within the body.  After a session, people often feel they have had a full-body massage.

When scheduling your appointment please specify whether you would prefer a 60 or 75-minute session.

Hot Stone Massage





Hot Stone is the mother of all massages.  This is an hour and 35 minutes of pure bliss.  Perfectly warm, smooth stones are used to rub away all the tension in your body.  

The stones used in this treatment are collected at volcano sites. The gatherer seeks out a matching pair, therefore these stones are never melted down—a process that destroys their energy.  This allows for the stones to be able to clear your energy field.

In addition to the warm stones, cooler stones are laid on the chakras to assist in balancing these major energy centers.  From the heat of the stones, the energy of the stones themselves, and the chakra balancing that takes place, Hot stone massage truly lends to a very deep sense of relaxation that can be more difficult to obtain in a regular massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is essential to a woman at a time when her body is going through major transformations.  As the hormones change and the body prepares itself for giving birth, the body literally begins to shift and expand. This process can put pressure on muscles and impinge nerves and the circulatory system. The hormonal change can also increase the feelings of everyday stress. What better way to support yourself through this time than to receive a massage?

Massage after giving birth is very useful as well. The birthing process is very traumatic on the body, every muscle tensing, as well as the emotional exhaustion that comes from this experience. Massage can help the muscles to relax and support your body in getting rid of stress hormones, increasing your overall health and well-being, and shortening recovery time.

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