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Anxiety blocks my potential.

I achieve my greatest potential when I allow myself to have a clear mind. Removing anxious thoughts gives me the opportunity to focus on what is ahead.

Unexpected situations arise at work, but I avoid feeling uneasy about resolving them. I know that my experience is sound and serves as a guide for decision-making. Embracing self-confidence relieves me of anxiety.

I constantly tell myself that I am capable. This mantra gives me a meaningful boost.

Staying calm gives me the mental clarity to figure out financial challenges. Instead of feeling stressed about my expenses, I take frequent timeouts to breathe.

Acknowledging only what I am able to control takes my mind off what is out of my reach. Each situation that burdens me lasts only for a time. When I remind myself of that, I am more effective at finding solutions.

Dealing with contentious situations is easy for me because I choose to keep a level head. Comments and opinions that I dislike are beyond my control so I ignore them.

When I take this approach, I am able to draw on my strengths and skillsets.

Today, I live a freer life when I rid myself of anxious thoughts. My soul produces deep-rooted peace because I allow it to manifest positivity. I am committed to rising to the occasion and offering my true potential at all times.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What situations often cause me to become anxious?

2. How do my experiences impact my self-confidence?

3. When do I feel most confident about my potential?

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