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Embracing Your Feelings

I can explain my

I understand my feelings and I am able to express them to others in a safe and honest way.

My understanding and acceptance of my feelings helps me to communicate these feelings to others in a way that is positive. I am effective in my communications because I am honest in exploring my feelings and accepting of myself in whole.

My feelings are normal. Frustrations, anger, happiness, excitement and even the feelings of need are common feelings that I share with the human race. I accept all of my feelings and welcome them.

I experience my feelings, share them and move on. I am able to discuss my deepest thoughts with others because I have taken the time to first understand them myself.

I welcome all feelings, both the negative and the positive. They help balance my life. My positive feelings are made sweeter because I understand what the negative feelings offer.

Today, I choose to accept all my feelings and open my heart to others. I choose to communicate what I feel in safe and healthy ways. I will let go of any obstacles that hinder me from communicating my feelings to others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I taken the time to fully understand my feelings?

2. Have I accepted my feelings no matter what they are?

3. Have I communicated my feelings in a safe and honest way?

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