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I am free of self-doubt.

I am brimming with confidence. I deserve to have a high level of self-confidence. Self-doubt is a foreign concept to me. All I know is confidence. As my confidence grows, the room available for self-doubt disappears.

Even when others feel anxious and filled with worry, I am free of self-doubt. I am able to maintain my confidence even when around others that are concerned.

I am independent of my environment. I choose how I feel, and I choose to feel confident. I expect positive outcomes. I am an optimist.

I trust myself. I am impressed with my ability to handle any situation with wisdom and creativity.

I know how to be successful. I have proven this to myself numerous times. When I reflect on my accomplishments, my confidence in myself grows. I learn from my failures, so failing ultimately builds my self-confidence, too.

I make decisions quickly. I take decisive action. The trust and confidence I have in myself is comforting.

Each successful day I live brings even greater certainty. I am more confident today than I was yesterday. I know I can be even more confident tomorrow.

Today, I am living confidently and free of self-doubt. I am putting my plans into action and believe that everything is working out for the best. I am free of self-doubt.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What am I allowing to hold me back in my life? Why?

2. What would I do if I were confident that I would be successful?

3. What is the worst that could go wrong? How could I handle that situation?

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