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I let go of unwanted emotions Resentment and Anger

I refuse to give space to bitterness or resentment in my life. I let go of any resentment and anger that I might harbor. I let go of the past and any hurt I still carry.

I let go of the need to keep score. I forgive others, and I forgive myself.

I release negative energy and negativity wherever it manifests. I focus my energy on gratitude and positivity.

If I hold resentment and anger toward someone, I know that it attracts more of the same back to me. Instead, I choose to move past that experience. I prefer to heal and grow.

I release those energies and replace them with compassion and love.

I choose to forgive and forget rather than harbor resentment and anger. I move forward, free from the burden and weight of these emotions.

I step into my higher purpose. I look deep within my heart, and I find love.

By releasing these negative feelings, I open myself to receive abundance. I release negative emotions to free myself from experiencing more negativity.

As I release and let go of negative feelings, I am flooded with an abundance of positives from the universe: positive energy, positive experiences, and positive people.

I choose to give love and compassion to others rather than hang onto resentments and anger. I release negativity and fill myself with positivity and gratitude.


Today, I am thankful. I have love. I am healed. I am at peace.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who do I feel resentment toward?

2. Why do I tend to hold resentment toward certain people?

3. How can I be more forgiving and grateful?

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