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I set myself free by forgiving myself.

I set myself free by forgiving myself. By holding on to regret and disappointment with myself, I am only punishing myself. Just like everyone else in the world, I have made mistakes, but I am willing to forgive myself. Forgiving myself is easy. I have everything to gain when I forgive myself. I gain peace of mind, emotional freedom, and a new perspective on life. I am free of my past when I forgive myself. I avoid the belief that I must be perfect to be content or happy. Mistakes are part of the game of life. I accept that I make mistakes and exercise poor judgment from time to time. I learn from my mistakes and become a wiser version of myself each day. Forgiving myself allows me to become the best person I can be. I am willing to forgive others, so I must be willing to forgive myself, too. Self-forgiveness gives me the greatest level of freedom. Each time I forgive myself, I release myself from emotional bondage. I am then free to grow and develop fully. Forgiving myself is a daily habit. Each day I forgive myself and learn from my errors. Today, I release myself from the past. I forgive myself for my past transgressions and move forward with confidence and positivity. I am free to choose the life I want. Self-Reflection Questions: 1. What are the three things I regret the most? What can I learn from those mistakes? 2. How would I feel if I chose to forgive myself for all of my mistakes?

3. What is it costing me to not forgive myself? What do I think I am gaining by holding on to the past?

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