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I trust my thoughts & emotions.

My thoughts guide and serve me. My emotions are the expression of my subconscious. They are both excellent tools that I use to my full advantage. Being logical has its advantages, but my instincts are also powerful.

When I am feeling uncertain, I trust my instincts. I find I usually make a good decision if I simply trust myself.

My emotions are also useful to me. It is a way of measuring the likelihood of being successful. If I am very apprehensive or concerned, I know that some part of me is resistant. I can change my approach until my emotions are more positive. When my emotions are positive, I know I am on the right track.

It can be challenging to believe in myself. When this happens, I remember all the other times I have experienced success by trusting myself. This quickly changes my perspective and improves my odds of success.

I find it easier to trust my instincts as time goes by. I remind myself of how intuitive and intelligent I am. This makes it easier to have confidence in my thoughts and emotions. As my confidence soars, my life becomes more satisfying.

Today, I trust my thoughts and emotions. I set aside doubt and believe in myself. My instincts are accurate and provide excellent guidance. I am much more likely to experience a positive outcome if I trust myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have my thoughts and emotions served me well?

2. When have I ignored my instincts and created a challenge for myself?

3. How can I learn to be more trusting of myself?

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