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My past no longer dictates my future.

I have grown from past experiences. The hardships from years past have molded me into the strong, independent individual I am today.

I am thankful for the necessary life lessons my past mistakes teach me. Mistakes are a part of life and personal experience is truly the best way to learn. I now enjoy wisdom because of my past mistakes.

My decisions in the past are irrelevant to the person I wish to become. My future is in my hands. I am the master of what I do with my life and the approach I take in order to reach my goals.

The future is a bottomless sea of opportunity. It is a buffet where I can feast on all cuisines life has to offer. I can choose any dish I want according to my personal taste, rather than because of my past limits my choices!

For example, I can go back to school even if I dropped out. I can rekindle relationships that I let dwindle. I can sell my house and move back home if I miss my roots too dearly.

I understand that building the future of my dreams starts with taking that first step today. Regardless of my past, I can build the future I desire and make my dreams a reality!

Today, I break the chains of my past and begin building the future I deserve. Life is about moving forward, and I refuse to let the past hold me captive!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I allowed my past to dictate my present?

2. Am I afraid of pursuing opportunities due to fears caused by events in my past?

3. What can I do to work toward making my dreams a reality?

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