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Chakra Guide and Affirmation Cards

Chakra Guide and Affirmation Cards


You are the Divine Blueprint of Gods expression. Use the Chakra Affirmations as a technique to change negative self-talk into something more positive, you will affect the outcome of all the different aspects of your life. To affirm something is to state it as if it is here and now. Feel the word, feel your new life. The 7 cards give you quick and easy access to Affirmations and remind you to become the best self you’re meant to be.

In addition to the 7 Affirmations for each of the Chakras,  each card includes the physical location of each of your energy centers, aka Chakras; the emotional attributes, crystals and essential oils for each, as well as foods that are related to each Chakra and what could cause the Chakra to be off energy balance. The Chakra Affirmations Cards are blessed with Healing Energy.

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