Self-Discovery Programs with Goddess Mariposa


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All it takes to change your life is a customized self-discovery program to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re suffering from physical or emotional pain, a personalized program can give your mind, body, and spirit the assistance they require for the betterment of your entire being.

Like all programs that modify behavior, time and commitment are essential.


Each self-discovery program is specially and individually crafted just for you with a winning combination of services including:


•    Mindfulness Coaching
•    Instruction on the Tools and Techniques and Meditation
– (including guided meditations). Together we will develop a practice that will help you in your self-discovery and development while at the same time brings you to a more peaceful state of being. To learn more about the benefits of meditation. 

•    Intuitive Counseling – I will share my intuitive gifts to assist you in uncovering esoteric messages and revelations specific to you that will help in your evolution and awakening toward your Spiritual being.

•    Positive Thinking Instruction – I will help you to draw that which you desire, using skills and techniques of such leaders in the Law of Attraction as Abraham Hicks. I will also incorporate concepts of Spiritual Teachers such as Deepak Chopra. 

Energy Work (Usui Reiki, Integrative Energy, Sound Healing & Energy Healing as well as  Lermurian of Light Reiki Healing Sessions)
– Energy work assists in clearing and balancing the energy, flowing in and around the body that sustains our life.

Soul Retrieval
– Retrieves fragments of Self due to loss, and mental or emotional traumas. This technique uses Shamanic Journeying to retrieve soul fragments and place these pieces back into the client so that they can experience a sense of wholeness again. Some sessions may be needed to follow-up with the integration process.

•    Shamanic Journeying – This process will discover the identity of your Spirit Helpers / Power Animals. Knowing your Helpers can be extremely useful in awakening your inner connection. This process will explore specific intentions and will build trust in your guidance in daily living.  


To begin this program, it is required that you have a Consultation and Life Path Reading with Goddess Mariposa.