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Spiritual Life Coaching

Life Coaching lights up a path to purpose in your life

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 155 US dollars
  • Online/Private Location

Service Description

Spiritual Life Coaching lights up a path to purpose in your life, while illuminating your desires and goals. Spiritual coaching removes the hurdles that often get you standing at a roadblock in life and that prevent you from taking action and moving towards what you truly want. One Individual Spiritual Life Coaching Session ~FINDING PURPOSE You may feel you are lacking purpose in life. You want purpose but you are not sure where your path to purpose is. That path is in your INSPIRED thoughts and feelings. Spiritual coaching helps place you on that path. ~GAINING CONFIDENCE Spiritual Coaching helps you gain confidence in yourself. Many do not take action towards their desires because they lack the confidence to do so. Holding restrictive or negative beliefs within you that keep you from knowing the deeper and very capable you. All you need is already within you to achieve all you want. Spiritual coaching helps you to remember the WARRIOR you are and gets you walking in your personal power. ~ALIGNING YOURSELF AFTER A MAJOR LIFE CHANGE Sometimes we experience a big upset in life, a major life change which literally throws us off of our path, into a feeling of being lost, stuck or worse, depression. The culprit can be divorce, a change or loss in a career, losing a special someone in your life, changing homes or seeing kids grow up and leave the nest. These types of life changes can get you questioning yourself, decisions you have made and how you view yourself. Who am I now if I am no longer a spouse, a mother, a vice president, a home maker, a XYZ? We often identify ourselves with what we do and the title we give ourself in life. We feel so much of WHO WE ARE is the role we give ourselves. This could not be further from the truth. Spiritual coaching helps you realign yourself and get in touch with that which is constant, your true self. The part of you that is far greater than the role you have so importantly played in life. Your greatest relationship and connection must always be with yourself first. It is when we do not have that connection, that we feel something is not right within us. Spiritual Coaching will help you see that those roles were often important dress rehearsals for something bigger, more purpose waiting for you on your life path. Yo are not what you do. You are not the title you give yourself … You are BIGGER and more POWERFUL than that. We have so many qualities within us waiting to dividable Spiritual Life Coaching Session

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule please contact 24hour before your session.

Contact Details


Mariposas Garden, Main Street, Dallas, TX, USA

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